There are many ways to remove stumps – they can be chemical or mechanical. Chemical methods can be described as less laborious – but they will take more time and patience. The aim of the method is primarily the decomposition of the stump to a rotten state. Mechanical methods require more effort. However, you can always hire the service of Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg to let professionals do it for you.

The soil near the stump is water which is carefully shed. When it gets softer, you should try to determine where the roots are very thick. To do this, a strong metal pin is fastened to the stick and pierces the wet ground around the stump – this is intelligence.

When the location of the roots is known, it is necessary to select the soil between them with a small spatula. Without intelligence, digging in the ground is completely unproductive. The hole should be dug to a depth of about 10-20 cm lower than the roots. They should be cleaned off the ground whenever possible.

Do not try to cut the roots with a shovel – as a result, you will likely lose both time and damaged tools. No need to bother, pull out the roots. Carefully roll the soil from the roots into the holes dug around it. Now the roots are completely exposed – they can be sawed off with a hacksaw. The axe shouldn’t be working here – the roots are usually tough and difficult to cut. If you want to avoid such a hassle, we suggest you call the company of -.

The stump can now be on the side, find the central root going deep into it and see or cut it. The easiest way to tilt the stump is obtained with a winch or lever. When all the roots are chopped, the stump does not hold anything in place – it is dragged to the side, and the resulting hole is covered with earth.

The use of levers, cranes, jacks when stumps are not always justified. Best of all, slender tree stumps or saplings are suitable for their action.

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