Wet dog food is usually packaged in cans or pouches. This type of food is characterized by water content and high taste. In terms of price, wet food is more expensive than dry food. For this reason, wet dog food is usually only given when the dog loses his appetite or as a topping. Another disadvantage of wet food is that it is heavy and difficult to carry. This is because of its very high water content. However, if your dog truly prefers gravy-type of food, we suggest you try a dog food gravy topper.

What are the things that need to be considered in choosing wet dog food?

As the main meal, choose a complete nutritious meal

Wet food is often combined with dry food. However, if you want to give it as a main meal, you can choose a product that says “complete nutrition”.

Completely nutritious food can meet the nutrition your dog needs. If using it as a topping, consider balancing calories with dry food.

As a topping or snack, choose the one that says side dish

If you just want to use it as a topping or a snack, choose wet foods that say “complementary” or “nutritional supplement.”

Because it is not intended to meet nutrition, the number of calories of this type is lower than the main meal. The price also usually tends to be cheaper than complete nutritious food.

As a diet food, choose products with special ingredients

If you want to support your physical condition by adjusting your dog’s diet, choose diet foods. There are many diet foods for dogs on the market. You can choose it according to your dog’s concerns.

Diet food can be purchased at veterinary clinics and given to dogs after advice from a veterinarian. Diet foods are also sold online and offline in regular stores without a prescription from a veterinarian. However, in this case, all risks are the responsibility of the owner. It’s best to consult your veterinarian before buying.

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