Looking for colors that can create a warm and cheerful feel in your home? The answer is the color orange! The color is brighter than the brown color which is equally capable of creating warmth. Unfortunately, the color orange is often avoided by people to decorate their homes. The reason is that it is difficult to combine with other colors and looks tacky if you apply it wrong. The orange color in this inspiration is applied to the kitchen cabinet and chandelier. The atmosphere is even more cheerful thanks to the striped carpet with dominant yellow and green colors which are diligently washed by experts, namely Carpet Cleaning Sydney. This Japanese-style kitchen is decorated with greenery and a wooden dining table. As a result, there is a bonus natural look in this warm and cheerful kitchen.

The orange color can be applied to a minimalist-style dwelling. One way is to combine white. This one room is dominated by yellowish-orange color, precisely on the kitchen island, backsplash, sofa, and lamp. While the white color is allowed to decorate the walls and cabinets. Uniquely, there is a nook to relax as well as display decorations in the corner. Its position protruding into the wall makes this space more space-saving. Without realizing it, the color orange can make the mood more cheerful when you wake up. So, don’t hesitate to apply this bright color to bedroom furniture, like the idea above. The main focus is on bunk beds that are multifunctional as storage areas. The wardrobe is painted orange and the bed is yellow.

Meanwhile, the walls are made white. If you feel too plain, you can add minimalist pictures of the same color. Not to forget, this multifunctional bed makes the room space-saving. The surrounding area can also be used to place a study table and be used as a playground. Want to paint the walls with orange color? You don’t need to apply it to the entire wall surface, you know! You can imitate the application of the orange color that forms an abstract pattern like the inspiration above. White walls will still be visible and make the room brighter. Switch to furniture, try using soft colors like ivory and baby blue. Contrasting but still pleasing to the eye, right?
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