After knowing the meaning of spa, you also need to know that spa is indeed an activity to relax and calm the mind, but spas also have many kinds. Each spa also has a purpose and is aimed at specific people according to their needs. Below are several types of spas and their explanations. If you want to try spa, you can visit med spa Scottsdale.

Destination Spa
Destination spa is a spa designed for holistic rejuvenation. This spa is useful to make the body and mind become more refreshed. Destination spa will make sure you relax completely followed by a healthy diet. This type of spa usually consists of education about health, physical activity, healthy culinary, and other special programs. To get a total relaxation destination spa generally takes more than one day. In addition, this type of spa is also carried out on an island, hotel, or place far from the crowds of the city.

Day Spa
Unlike a destination spa, a day spa is a spa that doesn’t take days to do. Day spa is a spa activity that offers a variety of treatments and you can enjoy every day. Usually day spas are handled by expert workers or workers who have been trained in the field of beauty. Several kinds of treatments offered by day spas are pedicure, manicure, facial or body massage.

Medical Spa
If the day spa uses a trained workforce in the field of beauty, then the medical spa workforce is medical staff who already have a license. This is because the services offered by medical spas must go through medical procedures and also use medical equipment. Examples of services offered by medical spas are laser hair removal, Botox injections, facial wrinkles removal, and chemical treatments.

Ayuverdic Spa
If you are looking for a spa that can help improve your physical and mental health, then the ayuvredic spa is the right treatment for you. Ayuvredic spas are inspired by traditional Indian medical practices and can help you improve your overall quality of life. Ayuvredic spa can also help reduce the feeling of severe loneliness that leads to mental disorders.

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