Tourist destinations and activities aka vacations are endless. Starting from a staycation, backpacker-style budget tours, to educational and cultural tours, you can choose everything according to your needs. Travel by cruise ship is also starting to get a lot of interest. In addition to the rise of Luxury Private Boat Rentals on the internet, we can get many new experiences.

Generally, cruise ship tours have a certain travel route with a starting point, stopover destination, to the endpoint where the cruise ends. At a fairly competitive price, guests can enjoy a tour accompanied by very complete luxury facilities. Starting from restaurants, swimming pools, casinos, to entertainment shows, such as live music, cinema, and orchestras you can enjoy here.

Interesting to try, right? Well, for those of you who have a bucket list of cruise ship tours, take a look and pay attention to the following tips:

1. Choose a route that is not too long
Each shipping service certainly offers routes with various travel durations. As a beginner, you are advised to choose a short route with a travel duration of around two to three nights.

You can also start with the closest destinations, such as Southeast Asia with the routes of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket. Starting a cruise on this short route will help you adapt to getting used to sea travel.

2. Book cruise tickets in advance
Aiming for cheaper ticket prices, why not? You can get a cheaper price if you book early, for example, about 4-6 months before departure. Of course, double-check your calendar and make sure you avoid the holiday season as they will be more expensive.

3. Complete all travel documents
Cruise ship tours are the same as other foreign trips. Therefore, you must prepare all related documents, from ID cards, passports, to visas. Make sure everything is active so you can visit countries that do river cruises. Don’t miss it or your ticket will be wasted.

4. Prepare foreign currency
You must do foreign currency exchange before traveling on a cruise ship. Make sure you do it in your home country, not abroad. This is because the exchange in the destination country results in an inaccurate exchange rate.

Those are some tips for traveling on a cruise ship that you can apply as a beginner. Trying a cruise ship tour is a must-try vacation trip and feel a comfortable, practical, and complete vacation experience.

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