Do you need someone to transcribe your audio recordings? Do you need someone – or even a solid team – to transcribe a recorded lecture, interview, discussion, study, or speech to turn it into a book? Transcription is not just the activity of translating sound into text. For us, transcription is an art that contains truth and beauty. The truth in the transcript can be seen from the accuracy of the transcript and the beauty of the transcript can be seen from the composition and structure of sentences, paragraphs, and even the entire transcript. Therefore, a good academic transcription requires patience and thoroughness to match the word and sound, between the recording and the result.

On the other hand, many users of transcription services who need fast transcripts without realizing the speed can make the transcripts untidy and often make the text not match the recording. Transcription accuracy is essential and, of course, more important than speed. Therefore, the solution for this is a solid transcription team, each of which is of good quality in transcription, also can analyze the context of speech and put it in written form. A professional transcript service has an awareness of the importance of text documentation in research, seminars, meetings, hearings, interviews, and so on, as well as at least individuals or companies that are independent and focused on transcription services.

Many think that the speed of transcribing only depends on the speed of typing. But if you don’t know and have little mastery of the words and the subject being discussed, the typing speed doesn’t matter much. Take, for example, a research interview about advertising. In the interview, many advertising terms in English were uttered by both the interviewer and the informant. If the transcriptor does not master, at least passively, English and is willing to search the internet for advertising terms, there will be many timestamps on the transcript. Some clients may not mind, especially if we inform them in advance of the limitations or specializations of the subjects we cover. However, some will see it as a weakness of the transcriptor resource.

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