Every three months, Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legend game (game) will change seasons or seasons. At the turn of this season, all players will drop tiers and lose a lot of stars. The goal is that new players have the opportunity to move up to a high tier and catch up with other players who already have hundreds or even thousands of stars. For example like this, old players who had reached Mythic Glory were usually more than hundreds of stars. Then, new players who are still in epic, legend, or other tiers will have a very difficult time chasing the red target. The opportunity to become the best player is almost impossible to achieve. Therefore, a change of season system was formed.

Actually, for new players or those who are not very reliable, it’s better not to rush to do a push rank after the change of season.

When the season changes or seasons, players will flock to push rank. Morning and night there will be a lot of people playing Mobile Legend. This can affect servers, both provider servers and servers belonging to Mobile Legend itself. The main problem that often befalls players is lag. This lag indicates if the server is down. It’s not just at the beginning of the season that it often lags, especially shortly after the season changes. Of course, this will be very detrimental to the players themselves and also the team. Getting a win will be much more difficult if the network is unstable. Moving the hero alone will be very difficult, let alone having to do battle.

The change of seasons is accompanied by a decrease in tiers. All tiers, both the lowest tier to the highest, will all experience a star drop. Reliable players who are in the high tier will be in the lower tier as well. If you are not a very reliable player, but immediately push rank, then the possibility of meeting a row of reliable players will be higher. It’s good when they’re on the same team as you, but what if you turn out to be against them? Are you sure you can win against reliable players?

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