In short, the topiary is the art of pruning plants, the form of the pruning itself varies, depending on the ability of the pruners themselves. Meanwhile, if you need experts to arrange plants in your landscape, you can hire Mid-America Lawn & Landscape company.

In our opinion, the following plants are considered good enough to be used as a topiary material & in general circulation:

Aglaia odorata

This plant has tiny but dense leaves, making it a potential plant for a topiary plant, in general, most people use it as a hedge.

Gardenia jasminoides

The interesting thing about this plant is that the flowers are white and always bloom regardless of the season, the leaves are medium in size with a slippery texture, usually used for fences or room decoration using potting media.

Polyscias fruticosa

It is quite difficult to think of this plant as a topiary plant, because the density of the crown and the leaf structure itself is unique, with the leaf structure hanging down making it difficult to cut, but that doesn’t mean it can’t, so it can be considered that this plant is a topiary medium that requires sufficient processing proficient or advanced.

Murraya paniculata

This plant has a thick canopy and tiny leaves so it is beautiful enough to be used as a topiary plant, coupled with its white flowers.

Podocarpus macrophyllus

This plant is one of the widely used topiary plants, bonsai, fencing & decoration.

Cyperus isocladus

The beauty of the topiary of this plant is its light green color & consistent color evenly.

Syzygium oleana

This red-topped plant is one of the most common plants used as a topiary plant in tropical countries, apart from its easy growth, thick crown, and resistance to disease, pink is a sweetener for this plant.

Rosemary – Salvia rosmarinus

Rosemary is a plant that is rarely used as a topiary medium, but that doesn’t mean it can’t, the use of rosemary as a topiary is quite widely used, the thing that rosemary has advantages is the structure of the branches & the fragrance this plant produces.

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