Tyres are very important components and this one component is indeed a determinant of whether a vehicle can go or not. Made of rubber, tyres are the key to a safe, comfortable and relaxing ride. Therefore, the selection of tyres must be considered as well as maintenance. It will be very dangerous if someone is driving with improper tyres on slippery roads, especially if the road surface is wet. If you don’t want to face such a dangerous risk, we recommend you bring your damaged car tyres to the company of mobile tyre fitting essex immediately.

Well, let’s pay attention to these 4 ways to take good care of your car tyres so that your family’s safety is always maintained!

1. Treat tyres With Love

It is very important to treat and adapt your driving style to the type of tyre. If you have tyres with standard sizes and treads, don’t force them to manoeuvre beyond capacity. Habits like this can have a bad effect on rubber and tyre life.

If the terrain or road is too difficult, don’t force the vehicle to pass it. It would be better if you choose another route that is more comfortable to pass.

2. Pay Attention to Wind Pressure

Another thing to consider is the air pressure in the tyres. Check regularly, at least once a month. Make sure your car tyre pressure is by the recommended.

Don’t get less or more. This can cause damage to the tyre tread. In addition, it can cause an uneven surface so that which affects the control and braking power of the car.

3. Rotate tyres

Another thing that is sometimes often forgotten is rotating car tyres. Change the position of the tyres to extend the service life of the tyres. tyre rotation should be done every 7,500 to 10,000 kilometres.

You can do it every 10,000 km. The trick is to change the position of the four tyres from front to rear by crossing.

4. Balancing

Tyres also need to be balanced so that the car is more comfortable when driving. Don’t forget to balance every time you change or rotate tyres. In addition, increasing driving comfort can also be done by spooring within a certain period.

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