Storing rugs in a warehouse will not make the rugs durable, even if you mishandle them, there will be a risk of obsolescence. Improper storage methods can make the rug become damp or moldy so that it doesn’t look as beautiful as before. For cleanliness, you can leave it to the carpet cleaning specials near me.

Carpet rugs that have beautiful patterns and smooth materials, of course, have a high enough value and expensive repair costs if damage occurs. Therefore, there are a number of steps you can take when you want to store rugs, as summarized from the following sources.

• Roll up
Roll them up is only the best way to store rugs. Avoid folding the carpet to prevent crease marks that will leave an imprint and cannot be returned as before.

• Upper Surface on the Inside
Roll the rug with the top inside, rolling it as tightly as possible to protect the rug and keep it in good condition.

• Wrap with Cloth
Wrap the rolled rug in a cloth before storing it. Avoid using plastic to wrap your rug as this will make it damp and allow mold to grow.

• Check Periodically
Unroll your rug at least a day for 3 to 4 weeks to check for fleas and vacuum regularly to remove any lodged dust.

• Choose a Cool and Dry Room
Do not store the carpet near a window or a room that is exposed to direct sunlight, also avoid storing the carpet in a damp place so that mold does not grow. The best place to store your rug is in a cool, dry room.

Protect your rug as best you can because it can be a valuable asset. Because it is not impossible at any time you will use the rug again when rearranging the interior of the house in the future.
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