In a house building, the pipe that can be seen on average only 5% of all plumbing pipes are installed. Installation of plumbing is mostly embedded in the building, whether inside the wall, below the floor, on the beams, columns, and foundations of the house. Plumbing often used is a pipe made from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). The durable, non-rusted and non-corrosive nature of PVC makes it suitable for use as a water dispensing medium. The properties of PVC are resistant to environmental conditions biologically and chemically, making them the preferred material in lieu of metal pipe which is susceptible to rust in household use. PVC pipe itself consists of various brands and quality. However, the outline of PVC pipe is divided into 2 kinds, which are gray and white. Usually, los angeles plumbers uses PVC pipes to clean water at your home. With years experience then you will see a very satisfying result.

For PVC pipe gray color absorbs ultraviolet light, but resistant to moss. While the white PVC pipe is not resistant to moss but can reflect ultraviolet light. In its application, the gray PVC pipe is more widely used in the home as a drainage or rainwater gutter. Based on the category of PVC pipe consists of 3 types, namely types AW, D and C. The type of PVC pipe is disaggregated by thickness and size of pressure that can be received, such as, AW type PVC, thickest, usually used for the installation of pipes that require pressure flow High (such as pump use). PVC type D, medium thickness, used for the pressure that is not too large, so it is more suitable for use in sewage in the house. C-type PVC, the thinnest, usually used in water drainage, is unsuitable for stress. By knowing the different types of PVC pipes, we become aware of exactly which one is used for different purposes. Thus, using the right type of pipes avoids the occurrence of problems in terms of water distribution within the household.

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