There are a lot of benefits that a homeowner can get from a minimalist designed house. Not only that the home design and size will make the cost of its construction more affordable, it also makes the house won’t be too large for the newly wed couples. However, if you’re not managing the furniture in the minimalist home correctly, a minimalist home will feel cramped and so narrow. That’s why the jensens vac and sew wants to share with you the ways to make your minimalist house looks more spacious that it should be.

Here are the tips that you need to know :

1. The size of the furniture
You must realize that your minimalist home has the smaller size than the ordinary ones. That’s why don’t choose the gargantuan sized furniture. Choose the smaller ones instead. This way, you’ll have a lot of moving spaces without have to worry that your feet will kick any of that furniture accidentally.

2. The lighting
Make sure that during the day, your minimalist house will have the sufficient amount of natural light that could enter your house. Not only that will reduce your electric bill during the day, it will also make your house looks brighter. The dark and gloomy rooms could make you feel claustrophobic and make the room feel narrow.

3. Add some mirrors in the room
You can put big mirrors that cover an entire side of the wall in one or all of your rooms in the house. Just like in some restaurants or dance studios, this will make the room feel more spacious, by giving the optical illusion to the human eyes.

4. The wall decoration
Make sure that you don’t hang too much wall decorations in your minimalist home. Why? That’s because of the excessive amount of wall decorations will make the wall of your house looks crowded and make the house feel narrow.

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