Background we mean the experience, expertise, and history of somebody’s life. When choosing a web designer, pay attention to their background. Does it fit with the job description and job specification you? Too often people forget criteria “background” when deciding to use website creation services company. Though the list of work experience and CV is the first thing we see when recruiting new employees. It is strange but true. If you visit our, you will learn more about digital marketing, just read the review here.

Web site creation process always involves two divisions, namely designers and programmers. Designers will work on the layout, design the structure of the web, create multimedia, edit images and other things that are art. While programmers will create the necessary database, create reports and other things that are automatic.

A good designer is a powerful right brain because the brain is associated with imagination and creativity. The more dominant right brain, left brain is getting weaker also associated with logic. To create a sophisticated program, one must have a strong logic. Or in other words, someone who left brain is more powerful dominant.Semakin logic section, the lower the power of imagination. Conversely, the stronger the power of creativity, the lower the ability of logic. This means less web designer can create the web that requires a lot of automated programs. Instead, fewer web programmers can create a beautiful website.

So, before you decide to create your company’s website, first determine the most important criteria. If you need more than to see the program, choose a background webmaster with programmers. Conversely, if the company you are dealing with appearance, choose webmaster with the designer background. One vote webmaster will make both sides frustrated. It is already obvious because your need never met.

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