Welcoming the arrival of a baby at home is certainly a very pleasant moment. To welcome him, it felt like buying all the baby equipment, including baby monitors. But wait, before you buy a baby monitor which is quite expensive, it’s good to consider whether or not you need a baby monitor like you can read on the website best non wifi baby monitor in 2022 at home, like the following.

Baby monitors are ideally meant for babies who sleep in a separate room from us. It also depends on the distance. Some argue that if the location of the baby’s room and your room is next to each other or opposite, then a baby monitor is not necessary. However, if the distance between the parent’s room and the baby’s room is quite far, or for example, the room is on the ground floor while the baby’s room is upstairs, then a baby monitor is highly recommended.

Parents and babies can sleep in the same room, but the distance is quite far. You are on one side of the room and the baby sleeps on the other side of the room. Sometimes this also makes you who are sleeping not hear the baby’s cries. Of course, the existence of a baby monitor becomes useful. Baby monitors are also helpful for couples who sleep very soundly so that the sound of a baby’s crying is not disturbed at the usual volume.

After the baby is older, the baby monitor can still be used. Toddlers tend to be allowed to play alone in the playroom or their room. Now, if you are cooking or doing activities in another room, you will still be able to monitor your little one’s activities with the presence of the baby monitor. There is an additional note that you need to know regarding whether or not you need to use a baby monitor:

Recent research has found that babies who are allowed to cry too often for a long time, whether intentional or unintentional by their parents, will shape them into aggressive individuals as adults. If you finally decide to buy a baby monitor, choose one that is equipped with a monitor screen, not just speakers, so that its function can be maximized.

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