The wedding car is a vehicle that take the bride and groom from the place of making the promise to the place of the wedding reception. For some couples, the car that takes them to the best places in their lives is important. Los Angeles Limousine Service rents a wide selection of limousines for brides who want to have the best experience of their lives. Affordable prices with a variety of choices can be an option that should not be missed, especially for the moment you are waiting for click to read more.

In the previous decade, many brides and grooms chose a luxury sedan-type wedding car. Now, luxury minibus types like the Alphard are excellent. This type of car is suitable for a glamorous and luxurious themed wedding.

Not a few brides and grooms are confused about choosing the right wedding car. For that, here we will provide a car reference that is suitable as a wedding car. Here are 5 cars that are suitable as a wedding car.
1. Toyota Camry
For brides-to-be who want a simple but elegant wedding car that has a luxurious feel, the Toyota Camry can be the right choice. Camry has a lot of passenger capacity, and features that are quite complete to provide comfort while in the car.

2. Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Mercedes-Benz is a vehicle brand that is famous for its very luxurious and expensive cars. One type of car, the Mercedes S-Class is one of the best choices from Mercedes Benz for brides who like high-class elegant wedding cars.
This car has very superior specifications compared to similar cars by offering a 4 seater seat, 333 hp engine performance, having a driver’s airbag as a safety feature, and various specifications or other interesting features that can provide comfort to the bride and groom.

3. Honda City
Similar to the Toyota Camry, Honda City is suitable for brides who want a wedding car that is simple but looks luxurious. The advantages of this car are complete features, such as the G-CON+ACE frame as a safety feature. Like the cars above, this feature can make the bride and groom feel very safe while in this car.

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