You can have a good passive income as you have some mansions around the well-known beaches. With the great view, popular beaches with CMI are always attractive to many people from many places. People that come from far lands must consider staying on a beach for some days. It is unfortunate that they just enjoy the beach for a day instead of staying in a mansion for some days.

They have already spent much cost to travel. Thus, staying for some days is likely to be the most popular decision for those that come from far lands.

It is not a few that eventually decide to get settled on a beach while they manage their mansions. Some people, really wish to spend their retirement years living on a beach with boat ramps. A beach where you can find and grow many fresh vegetables and fruits is interesting to consider as the beach where you will spend your retired years. In this way, you can do farming the vegetable and fruits in daily basis.

During the retirement years, you must still expect to run some activities. Fun physical activities like farming are able to get you out of feeling stressed.

On a beach with boat ramps, you may also consider start routinely doing your hobby of fishing. As you live on a beach, you may plan to set an appropriate schedule of fishing more flexibly. For some people, fishing is considered able to release some stress. Doing your hobby of fishing routinely may lead you to be a master. In this case, you may consider becoming a fishing guide if you live on a beach where so many people from different places come and do fishing. You can help them lead the boat and show some fishing spots where they can catch many fishes.

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